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2010 Year in Review

Report to the HHC Board of Directors

February 24, 2011

Alan D. Aviles


Good afternoon. As you know, at the February Board meeting, I expand my remarks to reflect on the general state of HHC, review some of the accomplishments and challenges during the past year, and relate our most recent work to our strategic agenda moving forward.

First, my thanks to the HHC Board of Directors – for your commitment and guidance during continued difficult and uncertain times. I appreciate your collective support and I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this enormously important public healthcare system. Even as trying economic times have weakened the will, and the mission, of other public hospitals across the country, HHC remains resolute in serving as a true safety net for all New Yorkers.

We continue to offer healthcare to those, including the most vulnerable among us, who may not be able to get needed care elsewhere, without regard for their immigration status or their ability to pay.

We continue to ensure that we can offer comprehensive care across the continuum of primary and specialty outpatient services, acute inpatient services, home care services, and long term care services.

We continue to work tirelessly to deliver high quality care that is effective, efficient, and safe.

In 2010, this means we served 225,000 patients who were admitted to our hospitals and more than one million patients who collectively comprised 5 million outpatient visits and more than one million emergency department visits. We delivered 23,000 babies, provided one million patient days of care in our skilled nursing facilities, and treated more than 450,000 uninsured patients.

The backdrop to these prodigious numbers includes increasing uncertainty about the fate of national healthcare reform, the now-familiar fact that Medicaid reimbursements lag behind the actual cost of care, and the simple truth that the cost-containment pressures we face will not abate anytime soon.

Despite all this, HHC must – and will – continue to be forward-thinking and innovative in delivering care to our patients, in meeting the needs of our diverse communities, and in building a more secure financial future for our essential system.