Breakthrough Results

Breakthrough, HHC's performance improvement strategy designed to enhance patient and staff satisfaction, eliminate waste, and streamline operations, can be applied to virtually every function in our facilities from the operating room to housekeeping. The examples below demonstrate specific benefits that HHC reaped from Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) that occurred in 2010.

At Bellevue Hospital, a series of Breakthrough events led to recommended improvements that increased efficiency of peri-operative services. When fully implemented, the improvements enabled the scheduling of an additional 500 operating-room cases.

At Coney Island Hospital, an RIE helped to decrease the time from order to completion of a radiology test — from 168 minutes (almost three hours) to 63 minutes, a decrease of 63 percent.

At Cumberland Diagnostic and Treatment Center, the average discharge processing time for patients was reduced from 36 minutes to 11 minutes.

At Elmhurst Hospital Center, the average wait-time for a patient who is admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Department and is then moved to an inpatient bed, decreased by 31%, from almost 8 hours to 5.5 hours. Improved communication between ED doctors and nurses and their colleagues in inpatient units led to this change.

At Gouverneur Diagnostic and Treatment Center, staff established a Patient Assistance Area to enhance primary care services. This new approach fast-tracks patients who come to Gouverneur for medication refills and other activities that do not require seeing a doctor. The Assistance Area significantly reduces interruptions to the appointment schedule, streamlines workflow, and eliminates overlap in staff roles. In addition to expediting patient service, the system is also increasing the productivity of Physician Assistants.