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2010 Year in Review

Report to the HHC Board of Directors


In 2010, we developed a three-year strategic plan to deepen HHC’s transformation as a high-performing system and to deliver services of even greater value to our patients, communities, and the public.

The plan has five strategic goals:

    •  Further improve clinical effectiveness, efficiency, and access
    •  Strengthen our foundation as an accountable care organization
    •  Engage and develop our workforce to achieve our goals
    •  Secure our long term financial stability
    •  Solidify HHC's recognition as an essential healthcare asset

These strategic goals comprise the focal points by which we must navigate through the uncertain times ahead. Our capacity for adaptive change – as well as that of others in the healthcare sector – will be tested as never before as national healthcare reform and state Medicaid redesign dramatically alter our landscape over the next few years. Our strategic goals, together with our collective work strengthening our system over the last few years, have anticipated this trajectory of change and are calculated to ensure that we have all of the necessary capabilities in place to successfully meet the challenges ahead and sustain our mission.

In 2010, as in years past, we had staunch allies, beginning with our Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, and the City Council. The many members of our community advisory boards also advocated strongly on our behalf and, as always, helped us remain responsive to the needs of our patients and communities.

And, across the breadth of HHC, at every level, our greatest asset continues to be our staff – compassionate, creative, and committed.