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2010 Year in Review

Report to the HHC Board of Directors


Building Blocks for Providing Safe, High Quality Care in a Post Healthcare Reform World

In 2010, as part of our restructuring and strategic planning efforts, and in line with our commitment to Breakthrough, we continue to focus on the care management infrastructure and the innovative care delivery capabilities that HHC must put in place to successfully serve its patients and sustain its mission in a post-healthcare reform world.

The future direction of healthcare requires us to increasingly move beyond merely rendering the best care to an individual patient at a single moment in time, but also to systematically improve the health of our communities across the care continuum through comprehensive primary and preventive care, better coordination and integration of specialty and acute care, and more effective chronic disease management. Specifically, this means achieving medical home designation, meeting meaningful use standards in the application of clinical information technology, and ultimately becoming a true accountable care organization. We advanced all of these goals in 2010.

Medical Homes

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is the care-delivery model for achieving optimally effective and efficient care in an ambulatory setting. Its success hinges on robust primary and preventive care coupled with effective care management – providing patients with designated care coordinators who will help them navigate the healthcare system. This may mean coordinating care at multiple facilities and doctors' offices depending on each patient’s specific healthcare needs, which are likely to change over time. Care coordination includes personal follow-up to ensure that patients keep their appointments, take their medications, and understand what their doctors and nurses tell them.

Care management for all patients is one of several critical standards that must be met for a facility to receive medical home certification by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and New York State. Such formal certification entitles a medical home site to enhanced reimbursement which helps cover the extra costs associated with effective care management and coordination. In 2010, all of HHC’s acute care facilities and diagnostic and treatment centers, and 27 of our community-based health centers, submitted applications for medical home certification. Six more community sites will apply early this year.