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2010 Year in Review

Report to the HHC Board of Directors


Becoming an Accountable Care Organization

Formal medical home certification and an EMR that is certified for “meaningful use” are the foundation upon which HHC is building the full capabilities of an accountable care organization. An accountable care organization is a collaboration among a group of providers spanning a continuum of medical specialties and care settings who agree collectively to improve the health of a patient population through active care coordination coupled with comprehensive primary care.

Such an accountable care organization or consortium makes arrangements with the federal government and the state to be reimbursed in ways that support this proactive approach to promoting health and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions.

Reimbursement levels are tied to meeting specific markers in patient care and reducing costs of care, making the organization accountable to both patients and the third party payor for quality, appropriateness, and efficiency of care.

HHC is well positioned for this payment reform model because our existing integrated delivery system already has many of the attributes of an accountable care organization. We have invested heavily in primary and preventive care services, including smoking cessation services, routine HIV testing, and the use of advanced information technology to help patients better manage their asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and depression; we offer comprehensive inpatient care, specialty care, home care, and long-term skilled nursing care. We also have our own health plan, MetroPlus, which provides us with essential infrastructure for both care management and linkages to other providers outside our system.

Recommitment to Patient Safety and Quality Care 

As we look to the future, we are committed to ensuring that we continue to build on our patient safety and quality achievements.

Transparency Website and Believing Series

Our commitment to transparency remains firm, with updated data for calendar year 2010 becoming available next month on HHC in Focus, the section of our public website where we report specific quality and patient satisfaction information for a variety of conditions and chronic diseases. Among other achievements, the data shows that HHC has accomplished dramatic reductions in hospital-acquired infections. We have cut our rate of central-line bloodstream infections in half, and have seen an 80% decrease in ventilator-associated pneumonias, with some facilities going more than a year without a single such infection.