Believing: HHC's Patient Safety Story


Our staff's engagement with patient safety work has been so inspiring, that this year we produced a four-episode multimedia series -- Believing -- to focus on these extraordinary initiatives and achievements.

In Episode One, Walking the Talk, our hospital executive directors, medical directors, nurses and housekeepers all talk about their commitment to patient safety, and the actions they perform every day, as part of that commitment.

Episode Two, Working Together, focuses on the many initiatives at HHC, like medical simulation training and rapid response teams, that enhance the effectiveness of our teamwork to keep patients free from harm.

Episode Three, Reaching Out, shows our staff commitment to communicate effectively with our patients to make sure that they know what to do when they return home to continue to heal and stay well.

Finally, Episode Four, Innovating for Tomorrow, shows how HHC embraces new medical ideas and ever-advancing technology, featuring the pharmacy robots, electronic medical records and automated medication administration with built-in checks that keep our patients safe from harm.

HHC's Patient Safety story -- as expressed by our staff and patients in the Believing series -- speaks for itself. It illustrates many of the reasons our staff should feel proud to be part of our evolving HHC culture in which every employee includes patient safety as part of their job description.