World Trade Center Environmental Health Center to Continue Receiving Federal Funding

Passage of the Zadroga Bill ensures five years of reliable, consistent federal funding for HHC's World Trade Center Environmental Health Center. The bill also specifies the non-treatment services that can be funded—elements like outreach, social services, data collection, and development of treatment protocols—all vital to the success of our program.

HHC has been caring for sickened community residents and area workers since October of 2001 initially through the asthma program headed by Dr. Joan Reibman at Bellevue Hospital, and with screenings at Bellevue and Gouverneur asthma vans. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dr. Reibman and members of the community, and with a multi-million dollar commitment

from Mayor Bloomberg in 2006, the program became the World Trade Center Environmental Health Center, which now serves more than 5,000 patients at three HHC locations – Bellevue, Gouverneur, and Elmhurst.

As one of Dr. Reibman's patients says:

"Without Joan Reibman's dedication, compassionate care and unfailing kindness I would not be here today to enjoy my life with my children and grandchildren. The HHC World Trade Center Environmental Health Center is a miracle and blessing to me and to thousands of other patients. Thanks to Joan and her incredible staff, I am able to enjoy the highest quality care in a clean, modern urban setting with the best staff and equipment available. Thanks to federal funding of the clinic, patients like me get the help we so desperately need. Without this clinic I wouldn't be able to afford healthcare and definitely would not have survived. My gratitude is as unceasing as Joan's efforts on my behalf – for always taking the time to listen, for fighting the good fight, and for saving my life."

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